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Our "65-Point Marketing Plan"

1.  Send "Just Listed" cards to partners. 

and affiliates in our database

2.  Insert a description of your home as well

as pictures of your home into our website.

3.  Add professional pictures of your home to

our website and link pictures of your home to

real estate websites. This promotes your home

to hundreds of prospective buyers looking for a home like yours.

4.  Distribute color photos of your home to top producing buyer's agents...many of whom have buyers right now who are looking for a home like yours.

5.  Get your home on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

6.  Promote your home to top-producing Realtors in local real estate offices.

7.  Help you relocate after we get your home sold.

8.  Prepare a comparative market analysis - a "CMA".

9.  Send personalized letters promoting your home to local neighborhood members.  

10.  Perform a weekly review, outlining which marketing steps were taken during the week to market your home.

11.  Advertise your home on weekly co-op marketing flyers.

12.  Maximize the number of showings by using professional signage.

13.  Get your home on the heavily trafficked multiple listing service - "MLS".

14.  Hold open houses.

15.  Price your home right the first time, thus eliminating the need for price reductions.

16.  Promote your home at weekly sales meetings.

17.  Advertise your home with full-color flyers; send the full-color flyers to the in-boxes of top-producing local buyers agents.

18.  Suggest changes when necessary to make your home more sellable.

19.  Promote your home to our buyer leads...and we get new buyer leads everyday.

20.  Get local top producing buyers agents to tour your home enabling buyers agents to preview your home for their buyers.

21.  Provide you with home staging advice, if requested.

22.  Provide professional photography.

23.  Prepare a full color flyer of your home and hand it out after each showing.

24.  Get your home on Google, Facebook, Twitter,, Trulia, Zillow,, Blogspot and the top real estate websites.

25.  Get your home on web-based classifieds such as Craig's List.

26.  Represent you on all Offers while getting you the best price for your home.

27.  Handle the escrow process.

28.  Research zoning.

29.  Provide you with a list of reputable vendors such as attorneys, appraisers, and mortgage lenders.

30.  Research county records in order to verify the legal description of your home.

31.  Staging Checklist.

32.  Showing Checklist.

33.  Obtain accurate contact information so as to ensure timely follow-up concerning buyer feedback and offers.

34.  Research deed type.

35.  Research deed restrictions, easements, and land use. 

36.  Coordinate agent tours. 

37.  Determine if your home qualifies for our "SMART SELLER" program.

38.  Meet with our Transaction Coordinator to ensure you are moving smoothly towards the closing process.

39.  Email you all buyer feedback.

40.  Pre-qualify buyers so as to not waste time with "shoppers".

41.  Monitor the buyer's mortgage application process and mortgage commitment.

42.  Coordinate with the title insurance company. 

43.  Coordinate buyer feedback with possible price adjustments.

44.  Require that all offers require a loan commitment as well as proof of funds.

45.  Enlist our real estate team to answer your questions in a timely manner.

46.  Review a Real Estate Sale Contract. 

47.  Provide qualified buyers with pertinent property information.

48.  Assist buyers in obtaining a loan commitment through a reputable mortgage lender.

49.  Target the local real estate market to identify buyer prospects.

50.  Follow up on all buyer leads.

51.  Determine where buyers obtained information about your home so as to fine-tune our marketing.

52.  Consistently improve marketing.

53.  Review buyer qualifications and motivation to determine the likelihood of a timely closing.

54.  Explain our "EASY EXIT" Listing Agreement. 

55.  Telemarket to attract buyers.

56.  “Communication Guarantee”: I call you at least once per week.

57.  Cooperate with real estate companies.

58.  Provide you with a Homeowners Guide; review inspection reports.

59.  Schedule the appraisal and review "comps" with the appraiser.

60.  Set up the walk-through.

61.  Meet with our preferred lenders to see if they have buyers for your home.

62.  Arrange for the transfer of keys and garage door openers. 

63.  Help you find your next home.

64.  Put a home key in the lock box.

65.  Regularly keep in touch.

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